miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2012


Miscelánea de fotos de AdeRon
Suddenly you’re in love with someone who doesn’t deserve how much you care but it swells and grows despite your best wishes because at the end of the day you can control your mind but not your heart. I think they say the easiest way to die is to love someone who doesn’t love you back and I feel my body aching and bones creaking and blood flowing a little slower than usual because I know it’s true. No matter how desperately I try to erase every memory my mind creeps backs to the sunsets at the lake and goodmorning kisses and arguments that always managed to end before sunrise because we couldn’t go to bed mad. It’s every song that I ever spent with you and every hand I hold that doesn’t seem to feel as right as it does with you. It’s the feel of your skin and crevasses of your body that I know and that your lips are a question I want to spend my life trying to answer. I want to carry your sadness and wash away your worries and make you feel as safe as I do in your arms but it never seems safe enough because I know I’m reaching for a heart that isn’t willing to extend close enough for my grasp. Suddenly you’re in love with a boy who doesn’t seem to leave your mind despite the fact that you’re moved on and with someone new. Someone who can kiss the constellations of your body and paint portraits of happiness on your every orifice. Someone who can become your whole world in only but a short while only until you realize that they’re not your world at all because you’re in love with a boy who has become your every star, every moon, every sun. And that’s the hardest part of it all. Loving someone who breaks you down to your very foundations without any promise of building you back up while spending your days with someone who is exactly as you are- loving someone who can’t love them back.

Como he cambiado de ordenador la mitad de las fotos aún no las he pasado y solo tengo algunas variadas, por eso estas que he subido yo que tienen tiempo (no tanto). Es más o menos un adelanto de la próxima exposición en la que estaré. Y bueno nada, lo de siempre, clases, estudiar, trabajos, lluvia... no os aburro más.

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  1. http://egcmalways.blogspot.com.es/ Es mi nuevo espacio! Espero que te pases y solo si te gusta que comienzes a seguirme! Yo ya te sigo!!
    un besito!

  2. AMAZING TRENCH :). I am so FOLLOWING. I hope you can check out my site: http://theproverbs.net and follow as well. So we can keep posted on each other. Thanks for your time. Hope to hear from you soon...God Bless!

    Steven B.

  3. Me gusta tu blog así, que te he dado un premio Liebster Award.
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